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Cannabis Strain of the Month – GMO Cookies

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GMO Cookies is the appetizing nickname for the original ‘Garlic Cookies’ name given to a legendary cross of two favorite strains. A cross of Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies, GMO Cookies has a long history of being ‘genetically modified’ for high-end results. The hybrid is potent in THC, reaching 20-24%, and pungent in the gassy like aromas, cannabis consumers and growers alike have come to love. Not to mention, the nearly 90/10 indica dominant strain’s effects are as soothing and comforting as a package of cookies themselves. With tantalizing flavors, a tranquilizing buzz, and gorgeous buds, get ready for GMO Cookies to be on the top of your ‘fav’ list, in no time.


A perfect late-night snack, the GMO Cookies strain’s indica dominant traits will soothe and comfort the deepest of aches and pains. The incredibly calming effects, uplift the mind with relaxation while producing a strong body buzz that’ll leave you feeling peaceful and sedated. With high levels of THC, you’ll enjoy the strain’s long-lasting blissful effects that are said to be helpful for insomnia, depression, arthritis, and nausea.


Like baking, it takes just the right method and ingredients to get it right with GMO Cookies. While the strain is considered a medium difficulty for growth by maintaining optimal environments and providing optimal levels of nutrients you’ll be pleased with the results in the end. As the hybrid can easily produce yields of 500-600gr/m² while reaching just medium heights of 100cm-180cm (3 – 6 ft). GMO Cookies prefer a warm climate and can benefit from frequent de-leafing for optimal airflow and increased light exposure. Ideal for indoor or outdoor environments, the strain has an average life cycle of 8-10 weeks and is ideal for October outdoor harvests.

Appearance and Aroma

GMO Cookies is a strain that’s just as unique in its aroma as it is in appearance. The hybrid’s pepper-shaped buds are olive-green at their core, with hints of purple and orange. Its potency comes from a heavy coating of shimmering, white trichomes that’s the chef’s kiss to its eye-catching appeal. The plant’s pungent aromas take over the senses with diesel, gas-like scents that have sweet and earthy undertones to soothe the palette.

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