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Axiom Harpin Proteins Plant Health Regular Offer Improved Plant Growth

Rx Green Technologies Axiom Harpin Proteins are a Plant Health Regulator (PHR) that activates a plant’s growth and defense genes resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield, increased quality, and greater shelf-life. Axiom Harpin Proteins are produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens and plants develop receptors on their seeds, roots, and foliage to detect the presence of Harpin Proteins which triggers an “early warning system” leading to increased plant yields and health.

The identification and isolation of Harpin Proteins came from research at Cornell University attempting to understand how plant pathogenic bacteria interact with plants. A first line of defense is the Hypersensitive Response (HR), a localized plant cell death at the site of infection. Cell death creates a physical barrier to movement of the pathogen and in some plants dead cells can release compounds toxic to the invading pathogen. The work was published in 1992 in an article in the journal Science and it was discovered that Harpin could elicit disease resistance in plants and, surprisingly, increase plant growth.

Further discovery about Harpin Proteins occurred when foliar sprayed in limited quantities, Harpin would effectively activate a plant’s defense responses. Additionally, these topical applications of Harpin did not elicit any visible HR. The effects of Harpin on disease resistance and growth, together with the simple means of application, provided the basis for commercializing Harpin Proteins.

Product Description & Applications

Axiom is pure Harpin αalpha βeta Protein, the latest commercially available generation that has been extensively tested and proven to increase plant yields, plant health and extend shelf life in a variety of crops. Axiom’s Harpin Protein multi-year results among plants is extensive and has been documented across the world include:

  • Increased yields from 8% – 20% in row crops
  • Increased yields from 10% – 30% in vegetable crops
  • Reduced nematode populations by 50% or more
  • Increased shelf life and storability of fresh cut vegetable crops from 5 – 7 days

When Axiom is seed or foliar applied, the plants “panic” and turn on stress-defense and growth systems. Research, field trials, and producer experience show results are improved crop vigor, stamina, nutrient uptake, and reproductive growth. Axiom also reduces nematode egg and juvenile populations among roots. Combined, all these outcomes provide producers with more yield, quality, and in some crops fewer culls and longer shelf life.

Applications & Rates (see label for details and precautionary statements)

Foliar Spray

Axiom is best applied through a foliar spray every 2 – 3 weeks during the vegetative and reproductive stages. Unlike many foliar applications, Axiom will be completely absorbed within 24 hours of use, therefore there is no excess residue residing on your plants come harvest time.

Soil Drench

Like the foliar spray, apply Axiom as a soil drench every 2 – 3 weeks during the vegetative and reproductive stages.

For both Foliar Spray and Soil Drench applications, mix 1, 2.0g packet (0.07oz) of Axiom in 1 gallon of water; for larger coverage, up to 1 acre, mix 1, 2.0oz packet of Axiom in 50 gallons of water. Apply with a sprayer.

Seed Treatment

Soak seeds in 2.0g of Axiom with 20ml of water or 1.0oz of Axiom with 250ml. Allow to dissolve into solution for at least 30 minutes and shake vigorously for 1 minute to dissolve Axiom then soak seeds for 10 minutes prior to planting

Axiom is approved and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and covered by over 100 Domestic and International Patents. For more information visit RXGreenTechnologies.com.

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