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SaferGro Pest Control Products are Effective and Safe for Humans, Your Pets, and the Environment

During the harsher growing seasons of the year, We bring our plants inside greenhouses because they allow us to control the climate our plants are exposed to. Maintaining a warm, moisture-rich environment allowing you to grow strawberries in mid-winter. here’s a fine balance when it comes to pest management. Toxic or corrosive chemicals can easily kill off pests, but they also can severely damage your plants, (and your health). The pesticides you’re using need to be strong enough to kill off any unwanted visitors, yet gentle enough to not damage your plants or your health.

Benjamin Franklin once stated that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He was talking about fire safety at the time, but his words hold true for pest management. Quarantining new plants, making sure your greenhouse is properly ventilated, and sanitizing growing surfaces and walls all go a long way to preventing infections from emerging. However, even the cleanest greenhouses occasionally get unwelcome guests. Aphids, whiteflies, and the various types of fungus and mildew are highly resilient and can multiply very quickly in ideal conditions. For insects, sticky cards are inexpensive and function as an invaluable warning siren.

Pest control is a vital part of growing healthy crops, but harsh chemicals don’t have to be a part of your pest control regime. Biopesticides are a great way to ensure that you’re protected from pests while leaving corrosive and wide-acting chemicals behind. For over 25 years, SaferGro has worked to ensure that your gardens are pest-free while still being safe for the people, plants, and pets that you care about. They offer a wide variety of pest control and plant protection products and continue to work towards providing growers safe, organic, and effective solutions that take care of the immediate needs of your plants. Listed below are some of the highlights from SaferGro’s pest prevention product line.

BiorepelA safe-to-use insect repellent that can force pests out of an infected area or prevent them from ever gaining entry. It uses pure garlic extract, which is effective on aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, and thrips. Being based off garlic extract makes it biodegradable.

Fosphite – A reduced risk pesticide with a low application rate. It can be used on soil and foliage and controls Downy Mildew, Phytopthora, and Pythium infections. Fosphite is certified by the EPA.

Mildew Cure – An organic contact fungicide made from food grade materials that creates a physical barrier to prevent the entrance of mildew spores into crops and ornamental plants. It is derived from garlic and other essential oils. Mildew Cure can be applied throughout the harvest period.

Pest Out – As the name implies, Pest Out is a long-lasting miticide and insecticide that kills and controls mites, thrips, aphids, and other soft-bodied insects. It is effective on developed adults and larvae.

SaferGro produces and manufactures their biopesticides and other plant products in their two American facilities, located in California and Florida. They’ve maintained a staunch commitment to making pest control that is both safe for human and plant use while still being effective and long-lasting. We especially recommend SaferGro products if you’re planning to introduce your kids to gardening—there’s no fear of harsh chemical exposure when you use SaferGro biopesticides to protect your plants.

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Joshua Nichols is the associate editor.

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