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TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Offers Ease of Use and Increased Yields

Photosynthesis can be boiled down to three basic elements: water, light, and carbon dioxide. Water levels vary depending on the type of plant you’re growing. Strawberries require more water than succulents, and watering schedules should be tailored individually. Light provides energy to start the chemical reactions that make up photosynthesis, and light is either delivered naturally by the sun or through specialized grow lights. Carbon dioxide, commonly abbreviated as CO2, is taken in by plants and processed during photosynthesis. Compared to water and light, carbon dioxide is often neglected. After all, it’s already naturally in the air, so what adjustments can you make?

During photosynthesis, plants break the covalent bond between carbon and the two oxygen molecules using the energy they absorb from light. The carbon remains inside the plant and is used to grow new tissues and cell wall structures. The leftover oxygen is released back into the air as a byproduct through miniscule stomata in the leaves and stems of plants. Stomata can be visualized as the plant equivalent to skin pores. However, plants do not expend any energy to absorb carbon dioxide. CO2 is absorbed through a process called passive diffusion, which is the natural tendency of all molecules to move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. If the carbon dioxide levels in your greenhouse dip too low, plants will no longer grow. By introducing additional carbon dioxide into your growing environment, you can encourage more robust growth for your plants.

Increasing CO2 levels typically results in increased plant growth. Many scientists believe that the megaflora of the Cretaceous era were able to sustain large growth due to the excess amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere at that time. While boosting the carbon dioxide levels in your greenhouse won’t cause your strawberries to grow to the size of pumpkins, it can increase yields by 30-50%.

To meet the increasing demand for CO2 diffusers, TNB Naturals created the Enhancer, which is an all-natural CO2 generator designed from 100% organic ingredients. It’s ridiculously simple to use. Just add 1 litre of lukewarm water to the bottle then replace the lid. After the bottle is filled with water, remove the lid sticker, cover the hole in the lid with your thumb, then quickly shake the bottle. There’s no complicated machinery, no additional cost in electricity, and no significant space requirement. Just shake the bottle daily to diffuse CO2 into your greenhouse. Your plants will take care of the rest.

The Enhancer can supply up to 1200 PPM of CO2 over a 2-week period for a 12x12x12 foot area. As part of TNB Naturals’ commitment to sustainable growing, environmentally friendly refill packs are available for purchase through

TNB Naturals is committed to creating safe and sustainable all-natural products designed for the hydroponics and indoor growing community, then providing the indoor growing community with outstanding customer service. They are based in British Columbia, Canada, and you can learn more about their products at

Joshua Nichols is the associate editor.

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