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Nature’s Control Launches New Beneficial Insect Website

Nature’s Control has launched an upgraded website that offers a wide range of beneficial insects and other pest control products. The upgraded website also contains tips on how to use beneficial insects and which beneficial insect is the best-suited for controlling a specific pest, plus other valuable information about natural pest control. There is also a valuable Garden Pests ID section that shows pictures of pests and helps you easily identify the pest(s) you are dealing with. Natures Control’s Pacific Northwest location is ideal for shipping beneficial insects because temperatures here are moderate most of the year – an important feature when shipping perishable insects, plus we’re close to a major airport. This Pacific Time Zone location, combined with several-times-a-day airfreight pickups, means we can take and ship orders later in the day than from anywhere else in the country, giving you unequaled service. For more information visit

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