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Cacti are a Great Plant for Your Greenhouse

Plant Name: Cactaceae, Various genera

Common Name: Cacti

Light Needs: High light and direct sun.

Best Temperatures: Average room temperature most of the year with cooler conditions in winter 40-65ºF (4.5-18ºC).

Water and Humidity Requirements: Water cacti thoroughly and wait until the soil surface is dry before watering again. Decrease water from May through December and give them almost no water in the winter. Low humidity is fine for cacti.

Growing Guidelines: Keep them potbound in well-drained clay pots using an all-purpose mix with added sand. Fertilize once a year in spring and provide a cool, dry period in winter.

Common Problems: If a cool, dry period is not provided in the winter, the plant may produce weak, spindly growth. Over-watering may lead to wilting and root rot.

Propagation: Stem/leaf cuttings, offsets, and seeds. Grafting is also possible with most cacti.

Interesting Fact: There are over 2,000 species of cacti.

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