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9 Greenhouse Shopping Tips

Choosing a greenhouse is a lot easier if you know what to look for. If you select one that isn’t right for your goals it will make using and enjoying it more difficult. Take the time and some planning before making a purchase; you’re greenhouse will be more productive and you’ll enjoy it more too.

Decide on a Style

Decide which style and size greenhouse is right for the location that is available. Depending on the space available this could be a lean-to, freestanding or even a portable greenhouse.

Know Your Price Range

Establish a budget for purchasing the greenhouse. Greenhouses are available in a wide range of styles and prices. They range from inexpensive models with very few or no features to expensive models with all the bells and whistles. Understanding your price range helps eliminate many of the models and makes the choice easier. You’ll probably want to purchase some supplies and accessories so don’t spend the entire budget on the greenhouse.

Decide on a Material

Greenhouses are available in metal, glass, polycarbonate, wood, PVC pipe and other materials. Review the available materials and decide which will work best for your location, what you plan to grow and budget.

Seasonal or Year Round Greenhouse

Decide if the greenhouse be used year round or only in certain seasons. If you plan on using the greenhouse year round and you live in a cold climate you’ll need to make sure the greenhouse is insulated and has heating options. Almost any greenhouse will work in moderate temperatures but many structures are not adequate for severe winters.

Do it Yourself Kit or Professional Installation

Purchasing a greenhouse kit and assembling it yourself can save a significant amount of money when compared to a professional installation. Many greenhouse owners take advantage of the savings and even enjoy assembling their greenhouse. But not everyone is comfortable with or has the tools and knowledge to assemble a greenhouse kit on their own. Do your research and make sure you understand the complexity of assembling a kit before making a purchase.

Know the Accessories

Make sure you know if the model you would like to purchase comes with ventilation, heating and other accessories. Ventilation is needed to help prevent mold, mildew and overheating. A good heating system will be needed if you live in a cold climate. You’ll also need to investigate accessories like shade cloth to help keep the greenhouse cool during warm months, benches for working and displaying plants and storage areas.

Decide on a Floor

Decide if you want a floor in your greenhouse before and if you do what type of surface do you want. If you do get a floor make sure it does not have any special requirements and that it can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Know Your Climate

Some greenhouses are far better suited for being placed in harsh climates. Make sure you understand if your greenhouse will be suitable to a climate that experiences heavy winds, hail, snow loads and other types of inclement weather.

How Difficult is it to Clean

All greenhouses need to be kept clean. If they are not kept clean they will be susceptible to mold and mildew problems, pest infestations and more. All of these problems will lead to lower yields and even the entire loss of a crop.

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