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All-Natural CO2 Generator

The Enhancer stands as an exceptional all-natural CO2 generator, crafted from 100% organic ingredients. Its user-activated feature ensures optimal freshness, triggering CO2 production only when required, eliminating any wasteful emissions during storage or when the plants don’t need it. 

This safe and remarkably efficient CO2 supplementation solution delivers a substantial CO2 concentration ranging from 900-1200 PPM, effectively covering an impressive 12x12x12 foot area. Its performance spans an initial duration of 2-3 weeks at these high PPM levels. Notably, The Enhancer doesn’t stop there; it continues to provide elevated CO2 rates for an extended time, just at lower levels, but still similar to competing products. 

Furthermore, The Enhancer embodies sustainability and refill ability, conveniently available as The Enhancer Refill Pack. Its user-friendly nature, without the need for additional equipment, or refrigeration during storage, solidifies its status as the premier choice for CO2 production in your indoor garden, greenhouse, or grow room.

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