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Left Coast Wholesale to Distribute DYNOMYCO® Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Groundwork BioAg Ltd. and Left Coast Wholesale are pleased to announce the distribution of DYNOMYCO® mycorrhizal inoculants throughout the United States. DYNOMYCO is a revolutionary product, based on over 30 years of R&D at Israel’s Volcani Center (ARO). Specially formulated for cannabis, DYNOMYCO is proven to increase crop yield and cannabinoid levels, increase phosphorus uptake, and reduce various types of stress, such as transplantation stress. DYNOMYCO contains 900 propagules per gram of two species of endomycorrhizal fungi – significantly more potent than leading brands. Left Coast Wholesale distributes specialty garden, hydroponic and horticultural products to more than 320 stores across the United States. 

“We immediately realized that Left Coast Wholesale is a perfect fit,” says Dan Grotsky, VP Sales and Marketing at Groundwork BioAg, and elaborates, “DYNOMYCO is gaining tremendous momentum among cannabis growers, from home growers to large farms, who proudly attest to yield increases of 10-45%. Left Coast gives DYNOMYCO the market reach. Now, customers across the US can purchase the product that they have been hearing about.” 

Khanhvi Dang, Left Coast Wholesale’s CEO, adds, “At Left Coast Wholesale, supporting our wholesale customers and our community by providing the highest quality products serves as the foundation of our values. To that end, we are excited to announce our partnership with Groundwork BioAg, which gives us the opportunity to offer their outstanding mycorrhizal inoculant product, DYNOMYCO. Left Coast Wholesale is thrilled to expand our full spectrum catalog of essential products that meet the needs of our industry with this top-quality and cost-effective product.”

For more information visit LeftCoastWholesale.com or Dynomoco.com. You can also visit both companies via social media at:

Dynomoco Instagram
Left Coast Wholesale Instagram

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Left Coast Wholesale Facebook

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