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Plant Support Kit

The 5’ Plant Support Kit has everything gardeners need to build a custom cage, trellis, fence, a-frame, teepee or any combination of shapes for any size plant or container. Featuring patented C-BITEs garden clips, the Plant Support Kit provides a customizable, reusable, and super-strong alternative to traditional plant supports. As the only DIY plant support system on the market, C-BITEs easily click together and connect to standard garden stakes. Building structures with C-BITEs is quick and intuitive, making gardening a snap. From trellises to tomato cages, C-BITEs’ multiple points of connection and sturdy designs are limited only by the imagination. The Polyethylene-coated steel stakes and partially recycled Delron® C-BITEs won’t rust or degrade in sunlight. The 5’ C-BITE Plant Support Kit, available in Tangerine Orange or Incognito Green includes four 5′ stakes, four 2.5′ crossbars, 17 C-BITEs 10/11mm, 12″ precut garden ties and stake safety caps. For more information visit or on social media at Instagram or Facebook.

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