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Two Part Nutrient Formula for Bloom Stage

RAW Flower A/B is a two-part, commercial base nutrient formulated for the bloom/flowering stage of a plant’s life cycle. This professional grade base with chelated micronutrient is designed for hydroponic/soilless application. RAW Flower A/B base nutrients provide an ideal foundation for commercial production and custom nutrient programs. It is one hundred percent water soluble and readily available to plants. The plants in your system will use the extra boost of phosphorus to form stronger root systems as well as more flower/fruiting sites. The high concentration of the elements present in the RAW Flower A/B allow growers to use fractions of a teaspoon per gallon and get more feedings even when using our smaller size packages. It is applicable for growing plants at all quantities. For more information visit NPK-Industries.com or email lelandtycksen@npk-industries.com. You can also visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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