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Universal Cut Flower Carrier & Display

The Flasket by Maine Garden Products offers a way to pick, carry, and display cut flowers — whether from your garden, the farmer’s market or floral boutique. The Flasket makes it easy for the novice and pro alike to create gorgeous arrangements. It is usable in all seasons and allows users to place cut stems into water immediately, extending their life considerably. The cut stems are also supported by the acrylic Flasket body to protect them from breaking or being crushed. The Flasket also acts as a carrying device for cut flowers in the garden or around the market and even allows you to easily transport them home by standing the flasket on the floorboard of an automobile. The Flasket also acts as a floral display eliminating the time and hassle required to make an arrangement. For more information visit or for information on a buy one and get one free offer, email

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