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ARBICO Drought Resistance Products Review

The world is getting hotter, and water is getting scarcer. US government agencies, such as the NCEI and NOAA, have declared that 2023 was the hottest average global temperature on record, with records dating back to 1850. Much of the American West faces water shortages, with important freshwater sources such as Lake Mead and the Colorado River being measured at record lows.

While it’s easy to feel like the world is changing in ways that are out of your immediate control, don’t let this keep you from finding peace in your garden. Don’t worry, we get it. Progress has been made to combat the effects of climate change, but these noticeable differences in our climate are here to stay. So even if you’re dealing with water rationing or prolonged periods of above average heat, there are ways to reduce drought stress on your plants. In our changing world, water is a powerful resource. Support your plants by giving them the tools to use water more efficiently and withstand environmental stressors.


LALSTIM OSMO is an osmoprotectant that helps plants withstand drought conditions by improving their drought resistance. “OSMO” is derived from osmosis, which is the passive movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration through a semipermeable membrane. If you hated high school biology, don’t worry. Here’s the practical definition when it comes to gardening. If your plants are in drought conditions, water will naturally be drawn from your plant’s cells into the atmosphere because there is more water in your plant than in the surrounding air. Osmoprotectants such as LALSTIM OSMO increase the survival rate of plants in drought conditions by regulating the osmotic activity in the cell and allowing the plant to retain more water. Current research aims to create plants that will produce their own osmoprotectants through gene editing, but for now you’ll have to add osmoprotectants to your plants by spraying them with LALSTIM OSMO.

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This is a product that is applied directly to the roots of your plants. Spray it into the soil, and then water to force the Hydretain down towards the roots. This product optimizes the intake of water by your plant’s root system through proprietary humectants (substances that attract water), which minimizes drought stress. Hydretain first found use in large scale farms and golf courses where cutting water costs would save farmers and golf course owners significant amounts of money. Now, this product is finding a niche with small-scale growers and hobby gardeners who wish to reduce their water usage due to local shortages or just for the sake of being good environmental stewards.

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Like all of the products on this list, Mikro-H2O deals with managing water intake and helping your plants cope with an ever-warming world. What sets Mikro-H2O apart is its use of rhizobacteria to assist with water management. Rhizobacteria are commonly known for their nitrogen fixing capabilities, converting gaseous nitrogen into ammonia, and making necessary nitrogen accessible to plants. However, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus subtilis, the two types of rhizobacteria used in Mikro-H2O, also build biofilm around the root zone. This biofilm increases the surface area of the plant’s root structure, which leads to improved water structure, less evaporation, improved nutrient availability, and reduced fertilizer drainage.

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Therm X-70®

Have you heard of the Mojave yucca? This plant is native to the deserts of Southwest America. It survives in this harsh, dry climate through the use of saponin, which helps plants overcome water stress and increases the “stickiness” of applied fertilizers. Sometimes, the best way to help the plants in your garden adapt to dry and stressful conditions is to mimic plants that have evolved to live in deserts. Therm X-70 increases permeability in heavy clay soil while also reducing salt and alkalinity levels. If you’re panicking because your plants already are showing signs of heat damage, applying Therm X-70 to the stressed areas can yield immediate, noticeable results and put your garden on a path to recovery.

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All products featured in this article are available through ARBICO Organics. Having been founded in 1979 in Arizona, ARBICO knows what it’s like to grow in dry, demanding conditions. Today, ARBICO Organics continues to provide organic solutions for pest control, water management, disease management, and more.

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