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Fishnure Organic Fertilizer & Compost Product Review

To provide plants with nutrients in the way nature intended, a gardener must rely on the symbiotic relationship between the microorganisms in the soil and the plant itself. When microorganisms break down organic matter in the soil, they convert that organic matter into absorbable nutrients for plants. In return, the plants provide what the microbes need. One of the richest and most complete organic composts available is humus compost. Natural fertilizers that contain humus compost are a great addition to any organic garden. Fishnure is a powerful and effective all-natural bioactive plant fertilizer that contains an abundance of humus compost.

Fishnure is produced by decomposing fish manure and a carbon source in the presence of a special clay which, in turn, creates humus. Carbon chains attach to the microscopic clay particles and are not converted into carbon dioxide. They remain in the soil as humus which is perfect for the preservation of microbial life. As previously mentioned, microbial life is critical for nutrient availability and a successful organic garden.

Fishnure is such an effective fertilizer because it relies on the natural cycle of organic life on earth. When organic life reaches the end of its life cycle, the cells decompose back into basic components. A majority of dead cells will decompose into carbon dioxide that will be added to the atmosphere. That carbon dioxide will later be absorbed into the leaves of plants where it will be used to create more cells. Plants must also get their essential elements from the soil. This is where Fishnure and humus come in. Fishnure is derived from fish manure that is captured and removed from the water of aquaculture systems. The manure is de-watered and dried to a moisture level of approximately 65%.. It is then combined with a carbon source, inoculants, and a small amount of clay. This mixture decomposes in a controlled process to create humus compost. The resulting humus compost is a complete organic fertilizer (Fishnure) that can be stored and shipped anywhere for growing organic crops.

This is an extremely versatile product. The consistency of Fishnure is colloidal and putty-like. It is moist and will form a ball if compressed. It can be mixed with water to form a uniform liquid with suspended particles. This liquid can be pumped through a hydroponic system or sprayed on crops or in the soil. Fishnure in its solid form can be applied to the soil as well; either by mixing it into the soil or as a topdressing. Its bioavailability combined with the flexibility of application methods makes Fishnure one of the most effective and versatile organic fertilizers on the market today.

Fishnure is so confident in its products that it actually backs them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is rare among organic fertilizer companies. This product encompasses the two most important factors in organic fertilizers: a rich source of compost containing both macro- and micro-nutrients and the biodiversity of microorganisms to convert that organic matter into plant absorbable nutrients. Fishnure is an excellent example of how organic gardeners can achieve the performance of a conventional gardener with an all-natural, organic fertilizer and in a way Mother Nature intended.

For more information visit Fishnure.com.

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