A Simple Hydroponic Bucket System for Beginners

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to started in hydroponic gardening you should try the bucket system. This system is a great way for a beginner to get started or to teach young gardeners the basics of hydroponic growing.

The bucket system is automated and easy to build. This system is very similar to traditional gardening, but it incorporates an automated watering system.

Supplies Needed for your Water Bucket Hydroponic Garden

  1. 2 five gallon buckets
  2. Growing medium
  3. Seed or seedlings
  4. Nutrient solution
  5. Drip line and submersible pump
  6. Air pump and air stone
  7. Timer

All of these supplies should be available at your local garden center or can be ordered online. Many of the online stores and some of the garden centers may even have a kit of these supplies that you can purchase.

Steps for Building your Water Bucket Hydroponic Garden

  1. Drill several holes into the side of the first bucket. These should be about an inch and a half up from the bottom of the bucket, and measure no more than three eights of an inch. Then fill the bucket with your growing medium.
  2. Mix your water and nutrient solution (available at garden centers and online) and add this to the second bucket. This is called the reservoir bucket.
  3. Next, attach a drip line to the submersible pump. Place the pump into the water in the reservoir bucket.
  4. The air pump is placed outside of the reservoir bucket and is connected to an airline that is put inside the reservoir bucket and attached to the air stone.
  5. Attach a timer to the submersible pump – a digital one works fine. Set the time to go off once or twice a day for about one minute.
  6. Make sure the drip line reaches the base of the plants you are growing in the first bucket.

This is an easy to build hydroponic system and can be a starting point for developing a larger hydroponic indoor gardening system. This method works very well with larger plants such as tomatoes and peppers.

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