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New Single Step Liquid Fertilizer

Gold Leaf US Distributors, LLC is now the exclusive distributor for Gold Leaf single step liquid fertilizer in the United States. Gold Leaf is a true, single-step liquid fertilizer that delivers essential plant nutrients to hydroponic and soil grown plants. Its innovative design eliminates the need for multiple products and dosing regimens, saving growers time, money, and water. It is the only product needed planting through harvest, it maintains pH balance throughout the grow; no need for pH up or down and it automatically dechlorinates tap water so there is no need for a dechlorinating process prior to planting.

For hydroponic applications Gold Leaf does not need multiple dosing pumps because you do not need three different fertilizers and a pH adjusting acid/alkali. This innovative approach helps growers reduce initial capital outlay when setting up a hydroponic operation. It also means users/staff need far less training. The ratio of nutrients in Gold Leaf was matched to the ratio found in conventional ‘two part’ fertilizers and subsequently optimized based on the results from trials on numerous economic crops. The final concentration of essential nutrients far exceeds those found in conventional ‘two part’ fertilizers (NPK=5-4-9). ​For soil growers Gold Leaf offers ease of application as it can be applied directly to the plant. It can be used as a soil drench, compost drench and incorporated into standard irrigation regimens. For more information call 513.608.3005 or visit GoldLeafFertilizer.com.

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