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5 Surprising Uses for Hemp

Derived from the cannabis sativa family, hemp is a powerhouse of a plant. You’ve probably seen some common products such as hemp oil and hemp leaves, etc. but what is hemp? It’s a historical plant that has uses for its leaves, stalk, seeds, and more. In modern times, people seem to forget about the versatility of this plant.

You now find hemp products in industries that you never imagined. The multifaceted plant is becoming a hot commodity in the form of food, materials, and manufactured goods. These are five surprising ways that hemp is currently being used.

1. Sustainably Sourced Fabric

Sustainable fashion is all the rave now, but hemp fabric was in use around 8000 BC. Starting in Asia and the Middle East, the cloth is now in use globally, and many big brands such as Levi Strauss and Adidas have launched hemp-based fabric.

The specialty of hemp fabric isn’t just its eco-friendly production but also its high quality. It’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and isn’t prone to pilling. The plant’s stalk is the main source of fibers for this cloth, as its rope-like nature can be transformed into durable threads.

2. Nutrition Dense Food Products

Current hemp products now include hemp-milk, hemp-cheese, hemp seed oil, and much more. Hemp is known for its Omega-3, Omega-6, and protein contents, which makes it a go-to product for vegans. You can substitute your average dairy products or oil with these hemp alternatives for better nourishment without compromising on taste. It gets better because it doesn’t have to be processed food or only comes from seeds. You can consume dry hemp leaves in multiple ways too. Add them to milk or water for tea or ferment them in alcohol.

3. Clean and Vegan Cosmetics

The beauty industry expands yearly, and consumers always strive for innovative products. Allergic reactions, contaminations, and unsafe ingredients have paved the way for a clean beauty trend. Clean cosmetics became popular as a solution to the problem, and hemp-based products rightfully made their way into the mix. Its organic production makes it safe to use and vegan, which is an added plus. Hemp products are non-comedogenic, soothe the skin, and protect the skin barrier.

4. Natural Materials

Cloth fibers are an older creation, but paper, plastic, and concrete have been produced using hemp. The paper utilizes leftover biomass and biodegradable plastic, and the hempcrete is sturdy. A couple of other uses include hemp-based biodiesel, insulation, animal feed, and so much more.

5. Innovative Automobiles and Machinery

If you like the idea of creating butter or notebooks out of hemp, you’re in for a real treat. People have created cars and solar panels out of hemp. Henry Ford created the iconic hemp car using the plant for manufacturing the vehicle’s body. After going through the necessary production process, hemp solar panels gave high-performance electrical storage. They also made it less expensive and easier to manufacture than silicon and graphene.

Hemp is an amazing creation and now you’ve got five interesting hemp uses to try. But remember, the innovation doesn’t stop here and there will undoubtedly be more interesting creations down the road.

Barry Galvin is a content provider for Alpharoot, a company that provides insurance solutions for the cannabis industry. You can visit their website at

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