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Why LED Grow Lights are Good for Beginning Hydroponic Growers

If you’re about to get started in hydroponic gardening one of the most important choices you can make is the type of grow light you use. You can choose an LED grow light, HID, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, fluorescent, and more. Many people who have been gardening indoors for years have successfully used high-intensity lights (HIDs) and have no desire to switch to LEDs. But for beginners, LED grow lights may be one of the easiest and most economical choices.

LED lighting, if it is purchased correctly and is designed for growing and not just lighting, can be ideal for young plants. Lights that have a large blue spectrum are perfect for this part of the growing phase. The fixtures can be purchased in a variety of color spectrums which can be matched to the plant you want to grow, their growing phase, whether you’re propagating or they’re about to flower, fruit, and many other factors. Some of the other grow lights are only available in a specific color spectrum which makes it more difficult for a beginning gardener, to choose the right fixtures.

LEDs offer the benefits of not overheating the air around the plants. Experienced growers may not need to use LEDs because they probably already have everything set up to provide the extra moisture and humidity plants need in this environment. A beginning grower can eliminate these extra steps simply by choosing to use LED grow lights.

LED grow lights also cost less to operate over an extended length of time than many other lights. Because LED bulbs use so little energy compared to a fluorescent or especially an incandescent bulb, the cost to run the lights is much less than what it costs to operate other types. Because the lights use less energy, they typically last far longer, as well. That reduces the replacement costs.

Make sure that the LED lights you choose are designated as grow lights. If they are not grow lights, they won’t produce the proper color spectrum and any plants you put under them as their sole source of light will suffer and potentially die.

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