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New Steam Humidifier

General Filters, Inc. has announced the launch of their new GeneralAire® model 5500 Steam Humidifier.

The new electrode steam model is smaller than previous GeneralAire® steam models and offers several new features; features that reduce installation and maintenance time and speak to the advanced technology with which it is made. 

  • One model now accommodates either a 115 or 230V installation (with the flip of an internal switch).
  • One cylinder accommodates regular and low water conductivity. 
  • Offering one unit and one cylinder makes it much easier for a contractor, who now only needs to carry one unit in his / her truck for almost any steam installation.
  • The model 5500 indicates the square feet the humidifier can accommodate, simplifying contractor selection at the wholesale counter. 
  • Spark-plug style cylinder wire connectors have been incorporated into the design.  The “SNAP-in-place” connectors mean changing the cylinder does not require tools and assures a solid, secure connection.  
  • With just a single-screw cover release, maintenance is now quick and hassle free. Permanently attached to the cover, the screw cannot fall to the ground roll away.
  • The unit includes the new GFX4 humidistat, which now controls the furnace blower motor.  Humidity levels will be more steadily maintained with or without a call for furnace heat, turning the blower on when there is a call for humidity. 
  • A mounting kit and installation straps are included, reducing extra materials a contractor might need to bring to the installation.
  • General Filters maintained the numerous function indicators and error codes of the previous control screen, but enhanced the screen’s color to an easy-to-read fresh blue.   

For additional information, contact:

Allan Feys, Director of Sales & Business Development
General Filters, Inc.
866-476-5101 x 201

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