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4 Tips for Growing Young Orchids

Young orchids need better care than more mature plants. If this is your first time growing one, then there are a few things you should know beforehand.


More mature plants are in the flowering stage. Therefore, they require a higher level of light intensity than their younger counterparts. Immature orchids normally have light green leaves. If you notice the leaves are dark green, you should provide the plant with more lighting.


Providing the right amount of lighting is crucial to proper care. However, you need to make sure that there are no drops of water on the leaves because this will concentrate sunlight and result in the leaves becoming scorched. This is less serious with older plants, as they can usually recover but young orchids can be too delicate to survive this type of injury.


Excess water on the leaves can lead to scorching and excess water in the pot can also lead to problems. One of the main concerns with excess water is damage to the roots, but it also provides the ideal environment for the growth of fungus. Most orchids can survive a small amount of fungus, but the younger ones may not be strong enough. If you spot black or white structures that look like a spider web, there is likely fungus present. Your plant will probably die unless you get rid of the problem using a fungicide.


One of the final things to consider when growing young orchids is the type of container to use. When the plant produces growth that extends over the edge of the pot, it is time for you to move it to a new one. However, you should avoid doing this too early because the roots may still be developing. Be careful and do not move the orchid to a pot that’s too large because it will inhibit growth.

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