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Begonias Are a Great Plant for Your Greenhouse

Plant Name: Begonia spp.

Common Name: Begonias

Light Needs: Protect from hot sun.

Best Temperatures: Above 60° F.

Water and Humidity Requirements: Let it dry between waterings and give extra humidity.

Growing Guidelines: Grow in humus-rich, soil-less mix and fertilize twice a month from spring to fall.

Common Problems: Leaves will drop if the plants get too little or too much water. Mold, mildew and rot can be a problem with over-watering.

Propagation: Begonias root easily from tip cuttings and seed.

Observation: If the begonias are not blooming, they may require a cool/dry rest period.

Interesting Fact: Begonias are part of the sixth largest genus of flowering plants.

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