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How to Extend the Life of Fresh Cut Greenhouse Flowers

Flowers being commercially grown in a greenhouse make up the majority of the gift blossoms in circulation today. Greenhouse flowers are specially cared for in order to preserve their beauty. This means that after they are purchased, they will require special care to properly extend their life. Follow these simple guidelines to get longer lasting greenhouse flowers.


Bacteria will make flowers wilt faster and this is especially true of flowers that have been grown in a commercial greenhouse. Extend your greenhouse flowers beauty by always placing them in a clean vase. Remove any leaves that fall into the water. Leaves immersed in water will rot and create a build-up of bacteria, which leads to wilting.


The fresher the flowers are, the longer they will last and this is also true with commercially grown greenhouse flowers. When selecting greenhouse grown flowers always look for the flowers that are half opened as they will last longer than the flowers in full bloom.


Excessive heat causes flowers to wilt. Avoid placing the flowers in a hot area or close to a heat register. Try to place them in a cool room to ensure they last longer.

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