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Gold Leaf Single Step Fertilizer Product Review

Fertilizers are a key part of the growing process. Plants need nutrients, and the nutrients you provide impact everything from bloom density to total yield to how healthy your plants look. Extensive amounts of research and product development have gone into fertilizer products, and the fertilizers that growers have today are remarkable in their efficiency and ability to promote growth. But as fertilizers have improved, routines have become more complex. Multi-fertilizer routines ensure the optimal amount of nitrates, sulfates, phosphates, and whatever-else-ates your plants need during rooting, flowering, and harvesting. In fact, if you don’t have a full labor force managing your greenhouse, it’s easy to say that fertilizers might be too complicated.

Gold Leaf was created by Dr. Russell Sharp to alleviate the complexity behind multi-fertilizer regimens. In 2016, Dr. Sharp was challenged to make a single-step fertilizer by a leading fertilizer company. Initially believing it to be impossible, the promise of a true, single step fertilizer intrigued him. Countless trials later, Gold Leaf became that true, single-step liquid fertilizer. With Gold Leaf, you no longer need to juggle different fertilizer brands. You no longer need multiple feed tanks or expensive blending equipment. You no longer have to worry about micronutrient injections. All you have to do is shake and dilute with water, then watch your plants grow with a single-step solution.

To further simplify things for the grower, Gold Leaf includes NPK and calcium and has the ability to dechlorinate tap water. By preventing calcium from combining with phosphates to form calcium phosphate (an insoluble chemical that is unusable by plants) calcium was able to be contained in Gold Leaf fertilizer. Previously, calcium needed to be added as a micronutrient, which meant that growers had one more task to keep track of while growing. It is crucial for proper plant growth, as it is used in the construction of cell walls. A calcium deficiency will result in your plants being unable to form proper cell walls, which leads to rot and fragility. Gold Leaf also maintains the pH balance throughout the growing process, so there is no need for a pH Up or Down. This not only saves the grower money, it also saves them time by eliminating the need to regularly test pH levels.

If you’re planning on building a hydroponic greenhouse, Gold Leaf has the ability to save you money on initial costs. As mentioned previously, you no longer need feed tanks and blending equipment when using Gold Leaf, and its single-step process eliminates complicated training if you decide to bring on help. Ultimately, Dr. Sharp created Gold Leaf to make a single-step fertilizer that simplified plant growth. Make sure your plants are getting the essential nutrients they need, from seed to harvest, with Gold Leaf.

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Joshua Nichols is the MyGardenAndGreenhouse.com associate editor.

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