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Why Abundant CO2 Levels Lead to Higher Yields

Carbon dioxide is a critical part of plant growth, though it is the most invisible to the average grower. Light, water, and nutrients are all measured and regimented through LEDs or CIDs, irrigation systems, and the staggering number of fertilizers available to commercial growers. These three factors share an important similarity: each one is observable to the human eye. You can turn your grow lights off and on, and you can even adjust the coloring, temperature, and spectrum in more advanced lighting setups. Water should be self-explanatory — we all know what water looks like. Fertilizers are either granular or liquid, but each type is typically hand measured when testing a new variety, then the selected measurement is either manually or automatically distributed, depending on the scale of the growing operation.’s RAD-0502 Indoor CO2 Grow Controller and Sensor simplifies carbon measurement.

Carbon dioxide cannot be observed or measured using human senses, which is why we rely on machines to ensure that our plants are getting the appropriate amount. To plants, carbon dioxide is just as critical to growth as light, water, and proper nutrients. When plants perform photosynthesis, they use light energy along with water to break the covalent bond between carbon and oxygen in carbon dioxide. Plants retain the carbon, which they convert to glucose and use to grow, develop cell walls, and expand their root systems, while releasing the oxygen as a byproduct.

Carbon, specifically the carbon from CO2, is incredibly important for plant development and growth. Increased carbon levels do contribute to plant growth, and the more carbon available in the air (up to the saturation limit), the larger and more robust your plants will become. Because plants use carbon to grow and construct cell walls and various fibers, the more carbon that is available to them, the larger plants can grow. If you’re looking to maximize yield size, you need to have a way to measure the carbon levels accurately and efficiently in your greenhouse or indoor growing space. 

The RAD-0502 Indoor CO2 Grow Controller and Sensor, designed by CO2Meter, aims to simplify carbon measurement. It’s highly reliable, highly accurate, and incredibly easy to set up and use. It’s currently in use in general greenhouses, grow rooms, cultivation facilities, mushroom farms, and indoor farms across America and internationally. The RAD-0502 contains a built-in photo sensor that reduces CO2 waste by monitoring light levels. Since plants break down CO2 into carbon during photosynthesis, manually raising CO2 levels in low light conditions is not cost effective. Growers can set high and low carbon dioxide target ranges using the RAD-0502 Indoor CO2 Grow Controller and Sensor, granting them greater control over growth cycles and expenditures.

CO2Meter has always been viewed as the “go-to-source” in gas detection, monitoring,solutions and analysis in dozens of international markets over nearly 15 years. They offer a 1-year warranty, 24/7 live customer support, and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your plants continue to make you profits. For more information on CO2Meter, their Indoor Agriculture CO2 Solutions, and the RAD-0502 Indoor CO2 Grow Controller and Sensor, please visit their website or contact

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