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4 “Do’s” and 4 “Don’ts” for Mosquito Control

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We are in the thick of the summer mosquito season, and if you want your outdoor time to be as mosquito-free as possible here are some suggestions.


Keep all your grasses cut down and remove any yard debris. Mosquitoes love to hide out in the relative safety of such places; it protects them from the elements – particularly sun and wind. But, as soon as you approach they will come charging out for a quick bite. This is why feet are targeted (besides being smelly and dirty) – they are easy prey as you saunter through or wallow around in the grass. Shoes with socks can help on such excursions (if you’re willing to give up summer sandals).


Wear dark clothes if you can help it. Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 that mammals produce, but they also use their vision to zero in on a target. According to this article, as they fly characteristically slow and low to the ground, they zero in on dark objects on the horizon. Scientists have learned that they especially like red, orange, black and cyan and snub green, purple, blue and white. Dress accordingly.


Invest in a no-bait trap that can be used year after year. These easy-to-use, economical traps are designed to mimic the dark places with stagnant water that mosquitoes favor as a place to lay their eggs. Instead of expensive and smelly baits, they use plain grass or hay clippings in water to get that stagnant water effect. ARBICO Organics carries two excellent no-bait models, the Enoz® Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap and Skeet-O-Trap™.


Allow any standing water in your space. While you are cutting down and clearing out your area,

keep an eye out for any and all standing water that mosquitoes can breed in. Remember that mosquitoes only need a bottle cap of water to lay their eggs in, so don’t overlook places like gutters, recycling bins, drains and saucers under plants. You will need to be vigilant about this and check your space regularly.


Go a little further than avoiding dark clothes. If you are serious about doing everything you can to avoid mosquitoes, then you need to don some tightly woven synthetic clothing (extra points for a high tech athletic wear made for sun protection). Mosquitoes may seem small, but their proboscises are rather large insect-wise and simply cannot fit through some of these fabrics.


Forget to protect your pets. Some people think that the fur on domestic animals protects them from mosquitoes, but that’s not the case. As mammals, they exhale the CO2 that mosquitoes are drawn to and will be bitten as quickly as a human. Sprays like Dr. Earth Final Stop Pet Spray work wonders, and for continued protection, add a Bug Bam Mosquito Pet Tag to their collars.


Plan for mosquitoes when planning a camping trip or any outdoor event. For that perfect summer moment full of great memories don’t just pick a great spot and plan for delicious food and drink; provide some mosquito control as well. MosquitoNix® On the Go is a portable misting system with a low toxicity and biodegradable insecticide that is safe to use around your family. It can be set to spray at a specific interval or can be turned on with a remote control, which allows you to turn it on before you leave the safety of your tent or home. Or bring a spatial repellent like Bradshaw’s 4 Ring Protection Spatial Repellent that forms a protective dome of repellent botanical oils that lasts for days without chemical smells or polluting the area. And it’s super-easy to use – just hang it up and forget about it.


Put off your mosquito control plans. Like most pest problems, proactive and consistent effort is required for the most effective and long-lasting control.

Pam Couture is the Lead Content Writer at ARBICO Organics. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she is surrounded by family, friends, and nature. ARBICO Organics can be contacted at 800.827.2847 and you can visit their website at

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