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New Technology Allows Growers to Verify Cannabis Strains & Country of Origin in Seconds

Features & Functions

Seed Tracker Technology combines technology with the cannabis industry to aid growers and give them access to information they’ve never had before. Each package of cannabis seeds is marked with a QR code that can be scanned to obtain information on those specific seeds. Through this, growers can know exactly when their seeds were harvested and prepared for distribution. There will is also information on where in the world the seeds were grown, giving growers more insight into an ideal growing environment for their particular strain.

Seed Tracker Technology gives a history of seeds that are registered, so growers can have a timeline of their strains’ lineage as well as the genetic information to make informed decisions during the growing process. Germination instructions can also be found on the Seed Tracker website with a valid email address and the verification code that comes with the seeds.

Why the Cannabis Industry Needs Tech

Technology has been easing the lives of humans and increasing efficiency for decades. The founders of Seed Tracker Technology found a way to merge technology with the cannabis industry for this reason, specifically the growing business. The decriminalization of marijuana and today’s social climate have given this plant more room on the stage and therefore more accessibility for the common man. People can now grow from seed as a hobby, for medicinal purposes, and for a variety of personal uses. Knowing that there is an increasing interest in this field, why not give hobbyists and professionals the tools they need to have the best possible growing experience?

Gardening is a challenging yet rewarding avocation. Novice growers learn from experts and through trial and error. Technology has also increased the number of resources available to these growers so they can choose the right soil, lighting, and other tools for their crops. Seed Tracker is joining that effort by acting as a resource to people of any skill level who have an interest in growing cannabis seeds. Seed Tracker also provides comfort to growers who have a difficult time trusting the seed bank or quality of the seeds.

Growers invest a lot of time and energy into growing their plants. With the wealth of information made available by Seed Tracker Technology, there is less of a chance of that time and energy going to waste.

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