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Understanding the Top THC Strains

Marijuana cultivators are always on the lookout for their “special” strain. The flavors, aromas, and psychoactive potency of a marijuana plant are mainly determined by genetic composition. In other words, the biggest influence over the quality of the finished product lies within the marijuana plant’s DNA. This is why hybridization and cannabis breeding are so important to the future of marijuana production. Through selective breeding and hybridization, cannabis keeps evolving into higher potency strains with enriched flavors and aromas.

 Although many medical marijuana breeders are focusing their efforts on increasing CBD percentages, there is always a demand for higher THC concentrations. Cannabis strains with higher percentages of THC are valuable for both the medical marijuana industry and the recreational cannabis industry. Let’s just say the cannabis strains of today are not what your parents or grandparents consumed while partying at a Doobie Brothers concert. Today’s cannabis strains boast impressive potency and may be overwhelming for novice smokers. That being said, the majority of cannabis users are hoping to get the biggest bang for their buck and this equates to purchasing or growing marijuana strains that offer the highest potential percentage of THC. The following cannabis strains have extremely high percentages of THC. These strains are definitely not for the unexperienced smoker and should be consumed with caution, even by the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

Tutankhamun (King Tut) – 30% THC

Tutankhamun is surely a king when it comes to potent cannabis strains. This sativa-dominate (80% sativa, 20% indica) hybrid produces a combination of fruity and earthy aromas. King Tut is a “one hit wonder” strain and may produce anxiety in those not prepared for its potency. However, those who properly respect the King will be granted a cerebral and uplifting high, perfect for creative minds.

Ogees  – 29.5% THC

Ogees gets its clever name from the reaction many smokers have after taking a single puff of this potent plant. Ogees is an indica-dominate hybrid and offers more of a “couch-lock” high. Simply put, it is best to save this strain for after you have completed everything on your to-do list. Ogees is a California-based strain and was created by 1130 Artisans.

Bruce Banner #3 – 29% THC

Bruce Banner #3 is the result of breeding OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. The Strawberry Diesel shines through in the flower’s sweet smelling aromas. This green beast will give users a flash of euphoria followed by a relaxing, yet creative, high.

Do-Si-Dos – 29% THC

Do-Si-Dos by Collective Efforts out of California is another heavy hitter in the world of THC content. Clocking in at 29% THC, this strain is capable of impressing even the most experienced cannabis users. Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominate hybrid with minty flavors and earthy aromas. The flavors and earthy aromas may remind you of some of the old school strains, but don’t let that fool you. This strain is extremely potent and should be smoked with caution.

Jet Fuel OG – 29% THC

Jet Fuel is a high potency cannabis strain named after the distinct gas-like smell it emits. This strain is a successful cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush (both powerhouses in their own rights). Cannabis enthusiasts can expect an initial energizing effect before slowly entering a slow down.

Blissful Wizard – 28% THC

Blissful Wizard is another prime example of how advanced breeding programs can produce incredible results. This hybrid is 50% sativa and 50% indica and was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Captain’s Cookies. When smoked, Blissful Wizard provides a rich wood flavor teamed with a hint of apple.

Girl Scout Cookies – 28% THC

Girl Scout Cookies quickly gained popularity and has remained one of the top strains for high THC production. Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominate strain. Many users claim they receive the most benefits from this strain when micro-dosing. Put another way, Girl Scout Cookies is very effective when consumed in very small amounts throughout the day. When taken in this manner, users report increased focus and euphoria. Higher doses of Girl Scout Cookies will leave a person feeling completely “spaced out”.

Gorilla Glue #4 – 27% THC

Gorilla Glue #4 was created when Chocolate Diesel was crossed with Sour Dubb. This hard hitting hybrid is 50% sativa and 50% indica and is another “one hit wonder”. The effects of Gorilla Glue #4 start with a rush of happiness, followed by a hazy, unable to focus on anything type of high.

Tickle Kush – 27% THC

Tickle Kush is an indica-dominate hybrid that is meant to relax and calm. Tickle Kush is the result of breeding the two powerhouse strains Chemdawg and LA Kush. This plant emits strong, pleasant odors of apples, apricot, and other assorted berries. Even experienced smokers will giggle and enter a state of euphoria when first trying Tickle Kush.

Death Star – 25% THC

Death Star’s high THC concentration, teamed with its 70’s sci-fi name, paved the way for this strain’s popularity. Death Star’s sticky, skunky attributes can be traced to its parents, Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. This strain has been revered by both recreational and medical cannabis users.

New, more potent cannabis strains are continuously being bred and many factors, including the way testing facilities conduct their testing, influence the overall THC levels. Some other, not previously mentioned, high potency THC strains to look for are: Nova OG, Strawberry Cough, Ghost Train Haze, The White, Platinum OG, Pink Starburst, Kosher Kush, Gelato, White Walker OG, and Mega Wellness OG.

These “honorable mention” strains have all tested at or above 25% THC and are surely potent strains that deserve the respect of experienced and novice cannabis connoisseurs alike. As breeders keep influencing the evolution of cannabis strains, we will continue to see a rise in the percentage of THC and other sought after cannabinoids. As legitimacy increases and cannabis prohibition laws are changed, the number of testing facilities will also increase and this will lead to more consistent and accurate assessments of the percentages of individual compounds. All in all, the future of cannabis breeding will continue to create ever increasing percentages of THC.

Eric Hopper is a contributing editor.

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