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6 Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful Home Landscape

Are you looking to improve your home landscaping? Following these 6 steps will help you create a landscape that brings more beauty to your home and applause from your neighbors.

Vary the Heights of Your Plants

Place taller plants in the background, mid size plants in the middle of the bed and low growing plants closest to the lawn or the sidewalk.

One Specimen Plant per Area

Plant only one specimen plant, like a Weeping Japanese Maple in an area, and then accent it with smaller plants around the specimen.

Accent Plants

Accent plants should be planted in groups. Many times, odd numbers are easier to work with. For example, plant 3, 5, 7, or 9 of the same plant and arrange them in a group, or plant them in an ark if the plant grows relatively low.

Don’t Alternate

Don’t alternate plants or colors. Plants of different colors also grow differently, some faster than others, some wider and flatter than others.

Use Raised Beds

Raise the bed with good rich topsoil before you start. Your landscaping will really stand out in a raised bed.

Invest in Specimen Plants

Spend some money on specimen plants. They’ll make you happy every time you look at that them.

Mike McGroarty is the owner of McGroarty Enterprises and the author of several books. You can visit his website at and read his blog at

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