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How to Buy the Right Lawn Grass Seed

When you are looking to buy grass seed, it is easy to get confused as to which seed would be best for your lawn; there is a wide variety of different types to choose from to grow a vibrant lawn.

Making sure you get the right seed for your area is half of the battle to growing your lawn; you must do some research online to find the correct type of seed for you. When choosing seeds we all would like the perfect seed that produces grass that grows slowly so we do not have to mow the grass all the time, and we would like a lawn that needs minimal watering and produces a vibrant lush green color.

The good news is you can find a grass seed that can produce all these benefits; it will probably be a mixture of different types to produce these scenarios. The basic rule of thumb when looking for grass seed is that if you live in a cool northern area then you will need a cool season grass; something like the Canada grass would be great for growing lawns in a cool climate. If you live in a warm southern area then you should look at the warm season grasses that are available, grasses like Bermuda are specifically created to produce vibrant lawns in hot areas.

You can also get patch seed. This is a seed mix that is specifically designed to help repair an existing lawn if it has gone brown or become patchy. You can find this type of seed readily available on the internet or your local garden center, and at a minimal cost can repair your lawn for less than you might think.

There are some companies that claim their lawn grass seed is completely maintenance free, this may well be true, but to create a stunning lawn you will have to perform some maintenance. To keep your grass looking vibrant it needs watering, cutting, and occasional fertilizing. If your lawn has high traffic, then aeration should be done at least twice a year.

When looking to buy lawn grass seed the important thing to consider first is whether you live in a cold climate or a hot climate, just by getting this right you will be half way to producing a great looking lawn in a short period of time.

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