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New, Wall-Mounted, Dual Sensor Indoor CO2 Grow Controller

CO2Meter Inc. has released its new RAD-0502 – dual sensor CO2 controller for grow rooms that can monitor and control carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations at two locations from 0 to 3,000ppm. The dual sensor CO2 grow controller will now provide both indoor growers and mushroom farmers the ability to control consistent CO2 levels throughout their grow space all from a central display panel.

“Our original RAD-0501 Controller is considered the gold standard for home growers and mushroom farmers. When we studied the market, we clearly saw a gap between our original RAD-0501 and the larger commercial controllers in the market. The RAD-0502 now provides indoor growers around the globe with a simple and affordable way to understand and adjust CO2 levels to optimize their growing processes.”, noted Melyssia Santiago, CO2Meter’s VP of Sales.

“Now our customers in two agricultural segments will get the added benefits of the CO2 control: growers can now control a single larger space or two different rooms simultaneously, and mushroom farmers now have a quality device to control ventilation.” added Santiago.

While monitoring up to two grow room locations is a significant benefit for indoor agriculture monitoring, it is not the only new feature that can be found in the RAD-0502. Customers will be able to control and monitor not only CO2 levels, but also control light, temperature, and humidity, for a full-scale optimized grow room approach. In turn, achieving unprecedented quality and yields.

Additionally, each sensor triggers individual relays allowing the end-user to control each sensor’s precise location in the facility. Whether you are looking to control grow room lighting, HVAC systems, exhaust fans, CO2 generators, or CO2 cylinders the RAD-0502 can control and monitor multiple locations at any given time. The RAD-0502 settings are user configurable, enabling the customer to apply their preferred settings for their application. And, for those looking to use the device globally, it also features a universal power supply allowing international users ease of use without having to use adapters.

With NDIR CO2 sensor technology, growers will also be reassured of the accuracy and repeatability of the sensing capabilities that can measure accurately between 0-3,000 ppm. By allowing growers the ability to apply their custom ppm settings they can optimize their indoor grow space. With an additional built-in temperature measurement and a photo sensor, users can also turn off relays during dark periods which can save them money and provide more accurate growing control.

Further RAD-0502 features include:
  • NDIR CO2 sensor technology
  • Easy-to-use, simple, and clean installation
  • Ability to monitor (2) zones or grow spaces
  • Fully customizable CO2 levels
  • LED identification lights
  • Automatic control of CO2 generators or compressed CO2 tanks
  • Built-in photo sensor to turn off relays in darkness
  • User configurable modes for both grow room or mushroom applications
  • Universal power supply
  • Enclosure resists dust, rust, and moisture

For more information on the RAD-0502, please email us at You can also visit and connect with us on: FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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