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Aloeaceae is a Great Plant for Your Greenhouse

Studies have shown that aloe has medicinal properties that can help treat, psoriasis, minor burns, dandruff, skin abrasions, acne and more. It’s also easy to grow and will thrive in your greenhouse or indoor garden.

Plant Name: Aloe spp.

Common Names: Medicine plants and Aloe

Light Needs: High light with at least a half-day of full sun; it can adapt to lower light levels.

Best Temperatures: About 70ºF during the day and 50ºF at night.

Water and Humidity Needs: Allow to dry between watering.

Growing Guidelines: Grow in clay pots in all-purpose mix with added sand to help with drainage. Fertilize lightly once a year in the fall.

Common Problems: Over watering may cause rotting.

Propagation: Remove offsets any time.

Interesting Facts: Over 450 species of Aloe have been described with diverse forms and sizes. The genus includes small grass-like herbs and stemless succulent rosettes a few inches tall to larger species with stout 60 foot trunks, occupying the ecological niche of trees. Aloes are distributed across sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and Arabia. Aloes are featured in prehistoric rock art by Bushmen and have been cultivated for thousands of years.

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