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Total Number of Employees

Company Founders

Mukesh Sheoran
Ajit Singh

About Plantonix

We offer natural and organic soil amendments and fertilizers. Our primary product lines include coco coir, coco chips, neem oil, neem seed meal, mycorrhizae powder and granules, and various fertilizers needed to grow in a soilless medium or hydroponics.

Plantonix focuses on providing environmentally sustainable soil amendments and fertilizers at competitive prices. Our coco coir is processed at a facility that is far from the ocean, and triple washed with fresh water (no chemicals) to keep the salt content down. We screen the material to remove excess fibers and stones and the entire process in done in- house in our own facility so we control the process from start to finish.

Our neem oil is extracted only from the ripe kernels/ seeds to ensure the highest amount of Azadirachtin.

Company Contact Information

695 Mistletoe Road Suite D
Ashland OR 97520
Phone – 541.301.2632

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