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The Foody 12 is designed for maximum plant production, efficiency and planting convenience. The Foody 12 helps growers increase plant production 75 to 100 percent by taking advantage of the system’s efficient use of space, water and nutrients. It works by encouraging rapid plant growth by circulating water and nutrients from the base reservoir through the pods and the plant roots. Plant starts are placed directly in the small, removable net pots and their roots reach into the water below. The tower may be rotated for optimum light exposure.

The Foody 12 can grow up to 44 plants and only takes up roughly two square feet of space. Some examples of plants that can be grown are lettuce, strawberries, basil, and mint. The Foody tower is made of food safe, BPA free heavy-duty plastic. Find more information call 715.318.1059 or visit

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